Health Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the study of movement that originally involved testing muscles for function and strength only.  Since the 1960’s several other types of kinesiology have evolved using muscle testing.  In the November 2002 issue I defined Applied Kinesiology, the system of muscle testing used by chiropractors, osteopaths and medical doctors.  Health Kinesiology is a system developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott.  By 1981, the basic structure and principles of HK were developed.  The system of HK is similar to AK in that it uses muscle testing to balance the body’s energy.  However, it differs in its scope and unique approach to each person’s health and emotional issues.  Two people may have eczema, but the imbalances, triggers and stressors that have caused it will be unique to each individual.  HK respects these unique qualities and works to find out the corrections needed to restore balance and harmony to each person.  Asking questions directly to your body’s energy system requires that your energy is balanced and that the questions asked are accurate and precise and can be answered with a yes or no response.

Jane Thurnell-Read has been practicing Health Kinesiology in England for twenty years and has mastered the art of question-asking as well as muscle testing subtle energy changes.  She has also developed the concept of energy mismatch

An energy mismatch is when the body responds inappropriately to any physical substance that it encounters (food, inhalants, chemicals, drugs, viruses, supplements, etc.)  Your body also has to react appropriately to substances produced in the body (hormones, enzymes, metabolic by-products, etc.)  Sometimes the body reacts inappropriately to one or more of these substances and this leads to health problems.  Correcting an energy mismatch can restore balance to your body and restore quality health.