Carla Cunningham Foundation

To Honor Carla Cunningham 8/26/38 – 3/6/00

History & Purpose:

            In December of 2000 a group of Carla Cunningham’s friends and family set up a not-for-profit foundation known as The Carla Cunningham Foundation.  In 2001 we received our not-for-profit status from the IRS.  When Carla was active in Zonta (an international women’s service organization) she was one of the Zontians who helped create the Women’s Another Chance Program.  So we thought it fitting to follow in the tradition that was truly hers.  She had great compassion for single mothers who struggle to better themselves and their families by returning to school.  Her own mother raised her five daughters single-handedly and was always struggling to make ends meet and, although very intelligent, did not have the energy or resources to further her own education.  She instilled in her daughters a keen desire to learn.  Carla became a counselor in 1971, receiving her Masters in Education and Counseling from St. Louis University.  She opened a private practice in 1973 after working for a few years at Wohl Center.  She had an active private practice in which she helped many many people until just a few months before her death in March of 2000.

            The purpose of The Carla Cunningham Foundation is to sponsor scholarships for single mothers who are trying to further their education.  In 2001, 2002 and 2003 we sponsored one student at St. Louis Community College and one student at Harris Stowe with tuition and some money toward books.  We would love to continue and even increase this goal.


            Since the beginning of The Carla Cunningham Foundation we have relied on the generous private funding of people who knew and loved Carla and who had a desire to see her name go forward in history through these scholarships.  We are a handful of close friends who have created and fostered this Foundation.  As time goes forward we would like to see others who did or did not know Carla support the effort.  With time, we would like to have enough principle to keep the Foundation going and use interest from that principle for the scholarships.  We hope to see more funds going into that principle each year.

            In 2008, governance of the foundation was transferred to Harris-Stowe College to fund a scholarship in Carla’s name.

To make a donation, please mail a check to:
Harris Stowe State University
3026 Laclede Ave
Office of the President
St. Louis, MO 63103
Please put Carla Cunningham Foundation in the memo field.
or call Leah Sutherland at (314)340-3383