About Blueprint for Health, LLC


Jackie M. Reed, DC
Jackie M. Reed, DC

Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology taught me that no two people are alike.  I chose the name “Blueprint for Health” to emphasize that each patient has a unique path and course of action needed to achieve his or her own optimal health.

I started practicing in August 2000.  My first career was primarily in corporate management in fitness, health and safety.  Realizing that I wanted to help people achieve quality health sent me on this journey. In 2007 I had the good fortune to attend a continuing education course taught by Dr. Howard Loomis.  The course opened my eyes to the missing link – enzymes. My continuous extensive study with Dr. Loomis and the Food Enzyme Institute has allowed me to help my patients reach a maintenance status versus chronic care status.  People can get well if the cause of the stress is identified and then treatment ensues to rectify it.

Symptoms are simply the way you know you are not meeting your body’s energy needs.  None of us needs to live with pain, digestive stress, and low energy if we are willing to remove the causes of stress and restore normal function through exercise and enzyme nutrition.